To be published or not to be published, that is no longer the question.

tasmanian-devil-pixabay-comI am TO BE published, in case the answer wasn’t obvious! Needless to say, I’m bouncing off the walls right now. The cats have sensibly taken cover.

Earlier this year I entered a short story competition in support of the not-for-profit Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal, with an anthology of the twenty-five best stories plus ten ‘people’s picks’ (determined by online vote) to be released in December. Run by Success Tax Professionals (STP), the contest entries were required to feature an accountant as one of the main characters. My story, ‘Abacus’, made the judges’ cut!

The Appeal is the philanthropic arm of the University of Tasmania Foundation’s Save the Tasmanian Devil Program, which is ‘the national response to the threat posed by Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) to the Tasmanian Devil’. STP kicked off their fundraising efforts with an upfront contribution to the Appeal of $10,000; all proceeds from book sales over and above this amount will also be generously donated. For my first fiction credit to engage so closely with my values as an animal lover – what were the odds? – I could honestly not be happier.

Although the acceptance email came through last week I’ve only just read it, simply because the rejections dropping with semi-regularity into my inbox were becoming a bit disheartening and I’d started avoiding the ‘send/receive’ button. Rejections are par for the course for any writer, but I’ve only embarked with any seriousness on the submissions carousel this year and my skin is still in the process of thickening. An acceptance definitely adds a few layers of protective coating – one or two more and I’ll be rocking that Teflon sheen 😉

My story is available to read here. I’ll check to see if I’m permitted to reproduce it in full, and if so, will pop it up in a separate post.


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